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God in the name of Jesus through the prophet tb joshua and the testimony on Emmanuel tv that are so many to mention and i am happy that people in uk were blessed with anointing water.

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This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. He tested it out by reading a book and was able to read faster than he ever has before! James came in wearing hearing aids and could not hear high frequency sounds for three years. Thank you for my career; thank you for my family; thank you for open doors in everything I do. Before, he was unable to read anything.

One arm of the SCOAN is Emmanuel TV, a television station that broadcasts the preaching of TB Joshua around the world, as well as the accounts of people who say their lives were changed for the better because of this ministry.


Since October, was especially debilitating for her and she was not able to exercise or work. Make sure those closest to you are qualified to push you towards the mark of greatness. York, PA had been losing his eyesight in the past few months because of diabetic retinopathy. While receiving prayer, he experienced numbness and shaking and was brought to tears. She requested prayer for her mother, so the team called her and prayed for her over the phone. When he came into the room to receive prayer, the Lord told him to kneel on the floor. We are both Emmanuel Tv Patners.

Today we see His glory.

Glory had been suffering from moderate arthritis throughout her body for over thirty years. The deaths occurred when members of his church rushed to the alter to receive the water. They may ask you to clarify any information or let you know your invitation has been. Please how can i have access to the form meant for African countries especially Ghana? She has had many low days where she stayed in bed all day, and could not take of her children. My excelling in Bible knowledge affected the other subjects where I performed poorly. She can now read to the bottom of the eye chart without her glasses.