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Modes Of Execution Of Decree Cpc

Persons accessing this site are encouraged to seek independent counsel for advice in India abroad regarding their individual legal, civil criminal issues or consult one of the experts online. Likewise, it is not necessary that there should be a formal expression of the order in the judgment, though it is desirable to do so. Then, the Court delivered judgment in written form.

The decree of execution of the

Purchase money deposited in Court upon the sale of immovable property shall be retained by the Court until the expiry of a period of fifteen days from the date of the order confirming the sale. Madras High Court Directs CIC to Expeditiously Dec.

English certified as correct by a diplomatic or consular agent of the country to which that party belongs or certified as correct in such other manner as may be sufficient according to the law in force in India.

Punjab Land Revenue Act has its dictionary meaning and is used in the plain sense of that term, that is land that was in its original state and on which buildings with structures of a permanent character had not been constructed. Where a suit has been duly instituted the defendant shall be served in manner prescribed to enter an appearance and answer the claim. Acted in exercise of its jurisdiction illegally or partook in irregular activity. Deleted by Act No.

Where a judgement debtor appears before the court and shows the reasonable cause for his inability to pay the decretal amount and the court is satisfied that he is unable to pay, the court may reject the application of the arrest. Every decree shall have the names of all the parties of that particular suit, the proper description of the parties of the suit, and the registered addresses of all the parties of the suit. Officer to the final or execution of decree or.

British regime in India the big merchants and businessmen who had established their mark in the market in respect of certain goods under the particular brand name, style or design felt they should continue to be sold or traded unde. The payment has to be made in advance to the authorized officer in the beginning and the officer of prison in the later stage. By arrest and detention of Judgement Debtor, Sec.